Ok. It’s May 2018. This time I travelled to California for a week. I knew I’d want to draw while travelling but I didn’t want to pack my usual travel kit bag. I went minimal.

1 ballpoint pen
2 gouache paints (neon yelllow, neon pink)
1 flat brush (number 4)
4x6 notebook

I started with sketching places I stayed at. Then I moved to some objects. I quickly got bored with sketching tho. By this time I had a pencil from a hotel. And I found a couple of color pencils as well.
And this is when I started intuitive painting/ sketching.

Later I added a few stickers (free from Brandy Melville) and pages from a free magazine.

I had no idea this would turn out like this and I like it.

You really don’t need a lot if you want to create :)

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