These weeks have been going so fast. I've neglected my art time due to a lot of time spent with friends. All of a sudden I feel like I have more people around me, new acquintances, new connections. 

These changes definately influence my art. Every time I sit down in front of my artjournal, I end up being completely carried away with my creative process. I feel like I go deeper in the flow even though I never have any particular idea beforehand. This is truely a micarle for me.

My way of putting art onto paper has changed with time. I don't feel any bounderies to what I can use or not. I mix mediums, I mix ideas, I put layers over layers, I cut and paste. I absolutely love it and it feels like I'm connecting with myself.

I do yoga and meditation regularly as well. I give myself time to relax and not do anything. I think I approach more things with a wabi sabi look on things. Nothing is perfect and there's beauty in this.

I like using print paper becuase it wrinkles. I use a lot of these loose sketches for collaging.There is a great tutorial be Julia on how she collages.

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