These weeks have been going so fast. I've neglected my art time due to a lot of time spent with friends. All of a sudden I feel like I have more people around me, new acquintances, new connections. 

These changes definately influence my art. Every time I sit down in front of my artjournal, I end up being completely carried away with my creative process. I feel like I go deeper in the flow even though I never have any particular idea beforehand. This is truely a micarle for me.

My way of putting art onto paper has changed with time. I don't feel any bounderies to what I can use or not. I mix mediums, I mix ideas, I put layers over layers, I cut and paste. I absolutely love it and it feels like I'm connecting with myself.

I do yoga and meditation regularly as well. I give myself time to relax and not do anything. I think I approach more things with a wabi sabi look on things. Nothing is perfect and there's beauty in this.


I was so happy and inspired to create a collab journal with Vanessa. She has such a profound artjournaling style. I've always looked up to her work. Also we are sharing one big love called GLITTER!


It's so amazing how many people with the same interest are around me. How the universe attracts them and how much fun it is.

I received a copy of Brush Magazine. This is a magazine created by Tanyalee. She is an Australian artist whose work I saw 2 years ago. Through her work I found out what artjournaling was.

2 years later I submit my own little painting for her magazine.