I'm so happy to present the collaboration journal with Jules (Julia Cusworth). I adore her felt pen, ink, collage style. There is always so much power in her pages.

Look at the pictures she took of our journal (and see the difference to the ones I take :) She is also a master of digital editing!

Check out Julia's Pen + Ink Class that was released through Get Messy Artjournal. 

 I made a little journal with mixed media white and black paper. Julia added color.

 I added some fabric to the cover for fun look.

Here is some of my abstract on the right and Julia's collage and words.
Julia's double spread.

Abstract gouache and ink painting on white and black.
My flower drawing and Julia's words.

Julia's collage.

I love the end result even though our journal was lost between Uk and Moscow and I never saw it!

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