I knew it'd be great! The whole journey through California. I wanted to make a journal that would keep not memories of places but feelings I had during my trip. That's why I didn't keep any track of dates and places I visited. Also I just didn't have time to journal.

I made time to sit down and mix my colors. Most of the journay I was overwhelmed and tired so I needed that time to process the process!

This is the journal I made for the trip. It's mostly recycled stuff. Cardboard cover, pink envelope, craft envelopes, random envelopes for stickers, postcards etc. There are 2 signatures. One is black Canson paper, another one is white. 

 Most of the pages were not finished in one go. I'd start it and then finish it the next day or in a couple of days. Just because I'd pass out before it's done!

 This page below is a perfect example of being overwhelmed! I don't like it but it's a good memory of what I felt in LA.

This tree was created with 3 gouache colors on a black page. I love how it turned out!

 I brought 6 tubes of gouache with me and never missed any other color!

I made a little joural inside this card while I was in Shasta. It's a painting of St Francis by Cheryl Yanbrach Rose who lives there. This images is used on bottles of animal flower essences! (I'm still processing this)

Best vegan rastaurant in the world! In LA

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