I started using handbound journals a while ago. I think they are the most convenient for me. I can choose my own paper and the size of the journal. Lately I've been in love with Canson paper which is very smooth. I use a lot of gouache in my journals so that's important! Also I like the size of it when I fold it.

I photographed the steps of making a new journal.

I'm usuing cardboard as my covers. Canson black paper as my signature. Book binding tape. Random black thread and a bigger size niddle.
Covers can be made out of any paper you like preferably a bit thicker than the paper you are going to use in the journal.

 I thought I'd use this paper with gouache faces to make my covers look more fun.
 I used glue to stick them to the cardboard.

Once covers are ready I put them close enough so that I can bind them together with the tape. Depending on how thin of thick your signature or signatures are you put the covers close to each other. I used to bind one signature journals but now I tend to stick at least three signatures.

 I never measure where I'm going to put the tape (it's never equal in my case!) and bind two covers.

 Then I fold the sticking ends and cover them with another layer of the tape.

The cover is ready. Now I stitch the signature and cover together. For this google pamphlet stitch binding! Or try and follow my the picturs below :)

I make 5 holes in all the papers starting with the middle hole. Never measure anything here either. Then I make holes in the cover. It's better to use a bookbinding awl.

But I use a niddle.

There are different ways to start the first stitch. I like to start in the middle one going through the inside out.

And the next thing you know... The journal is ready!!

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