It's the last week before New Year. I've been enjoying looking back at all my projects for 2016 and I'm very happy. I'm looking forward to creating and having fun in 2017!

For this week I was following Julia's tutorial for Get Messy on "unconscious" creating. I love this type of exercises. They give you ideas, you go straight into paint without overthinking and they are fun!


I started A Year of Painting course in the beginning of this year.

Every three weeks there was a new lesson. Each lesson focused on different techniques of intuitive painting. I absolutely loved the way of Alena Hennessy's teaching. I tried so many new things that I never knew existed. I experimented with paints, paper, wood, canvases. It feels like a great start!

I decided to share my 3 favourite paintings here.

Layers of acrylic paints and ink.

  Gesso and acrylic paint.

Acrylics, ink, texture paste


This week of Gifts for Getmessy Artjournal was about glitter for me. Glitter instantly adds festive feeling to anything. So I've been adding glitter and interference acrylic paint anywhere. It is so much fun because it changes color depending of the background!

When I think of my childhood and Christmas (New Year is what we actually celebrate here in Russia) it's always the smell of the tree, pickled tomatoes in huge jars and the scariest kids movie Der Zwerg Nose. Oh and that Soviet mini Christmas tree with tiny glass decorations.


What is the gift that I'd love to get?

I'd love the gift of time. I'd spend it on mixing colors longer and enjoying smooth brush strokes. I'd try and find new mixed media combinations. I'd take my time to search for perfect gold acrylic paint. I'd also spend more time on taking pictures of the works I do which is my least favourite part of the process.

I might just go and do all of this now!

Here is a page for this week.


The Season of Gifts has arrived.

 For this season I made an accordion journal. I also wrapped it in tissue paper so that it represents a gift itself. I used black paper inside the journal and decided on using only pastel gouache. There's something magical in using thick layers of gouache on black. I'm thinking of keeping it abstract.

The present is a gift, the future is yet unwrapped.

This last page is from my monthly Sketchbook. Foil nails IS a gift!