This week for the Season of Music of Get Messy I made 2 pages.

I love going to concerts. They fill me with energy and happiness. So many gigs .. Smashing Pumpkins, Faith no More, RCHP, Guns n Roses, Korn, Kooks, Prodigy, Antony and the Johnsons, J J Johanson, Anna Tijoux etc
This page  represents my first ever gig that I went to. It was Pink Floyd. I was so impressed by the music and mainly by how loud it was. The sound was HUGE.

BØRNS is one of the latest concerts I went to. I would have never known about them if I hadn't came to their gig by mistake in NYC. I was going to a completely different gig but the location brought me to this place! I was happy to get in for free and surprised at a slightly different music to what I was actually going to listen to. After their final song Electric Love I realized I was at a wrong venue! I'm so glad I got there and I loved the music. So carefree and cute.

My other gig was around the corner but honetly it wasn't as fun.


  1. Anonymous27.8.16

    The painted face is just amazing, such energy!

  2. This is insanely good!!!! xo