The summer is almost over here in Moscow and there are only a few pages left in my flower book.

I found this book in a cute little shop in Amsterdam and I knew I had to get it and alter it somehow. I played with different mediums and ideas. Basically I did whatever I felt like to capture the flowers I saw during summer.

Some of my favourite pages.


This week for the Season of Music of Get Messy I made 2 pages.

I love going to concerts. They fill me with energy and happiness. So many gigs .. Smashing Pumpkins, Faith no More, RCHP, Guns n Roses, Korn, Kooks, Prodigy, Antony and the Johnsons, J J Johanson, Anna Tijoux etc
This page  represents my first ever gig that I went to. It was Pink Floyd. I was so impressed by the music and mainly by how loud it was. The sound was HUGE.

BØRNS is one of the latest concerts I went to. I would have never known about them if I hadn't came to their gig by mistake in NYC. I was going to a completely different gig but the location brought me to this place! I was happy to get in for free and surprised at a slightly different music to what I was actually going to listen to. After their final song Electric Love I realized I was at a wrong venue! I'm so glad I got there and I loved the music. So carefree and cute.

My other gig was around the corner but honetly it wasn't as fun.


Here is my next week for the Season of Music of Get Messy. 

I mainly concentrated on representing day and night following the lyrics Massive Attack's Unfinished Symphony.

I loved using mirror envelopes that Emily from Squiggleandswirl sent me. The inspiration comes from Cait's tutorial on envelopes.

And a lot of A-Ha songs. 

I love listening to music when I'm driving.

This is my intuitive painting page for the day and night theme.

And of course the fun tutorial by Katie!! Thank you so much.


Here's week 2 of Get Messy and it's about going back into my music journey.

By the end of my University years raves started to get very popular in Moscow. New clubs and venues would open for those who loved dancing all night long. I was in for some time. I can't remember any music because it's pretty ridiculous!

Psychedelic colours were very popular during those rave nights. Anything that glows and shines in the night was on :)


I have never done faces. Here is my first attemp at creating a face. Looking at these I can see the difference in my mood.


I keep on playing on ply wood. It takes days and sometimes weeks to feel that one piece is finished.

Until I think it's time to cover it with another layer!


It's the first week of Music Season at Get Messy Artjournal.

Music in my life is huge. It's always been here with me. Whenever I hear a
familiar song it takes me back in time. Whenever I hear a song I don't know that I love it's going on repeat.

It started back in the 90s when I was in Uni and we had tapes, walkmans and underground
gigs. I love heavy rock grunge 90s music. So many fun memories! Nirvana,
Faith No More, Blind Lemon, 4 Non Blondes, Smashing Pumpkins, RHCP,
Soundgarden, Metallica, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots etc.

Great tutorial by Vanessa on Get Messy Blog!!

P.S. I'd kill for her boots :)


The Season of Music of Get Messy Artjournal has begun!

For this season I made a simple journal with vinyl covers. I would have never thought of making it unless my dog 'helped' with the idea by chewing the album cover. Instead of trying to recover it  I gave it new life!