Oh My Gouache  by Mary Ann Moss from Dispatchfromla is such a great class. Not only I enjoyed mixing paints and finding out about gouache but I met great people on facebook OMG group. The whole experience is fun and really inspiring.

With this class I got into habbit of daily sketching with paints. It's absolutely not about the result but the process of putting this smooth and buttery paint on paper.

"Keep going!" "Why not!" "Draw as a kid" and many more phrases that help enjoy the process and now are stuck with me after watching class videos. 


Sometimes I feel like making a sketchbook!

Both covers are acrylic boards that I used for intuitive painting practice. 3 signaures of white, light blue and black watercolor paper.

What shall I use it for?


Final week of Get Messy's Season of Introspection. Did I take time to look inside myself? I hope I did.

My favourite prompt this week was to timer yourself to 10 mins while doing background. I often do this exercise. It's purely for the enjoyment of the process for me. I tend to not overthink decisions I make and I always come up with something totally unexpected. My favourite medium in this practice is acrylic paint.

This is my little Herbarium pocket book. The quote is from a lovely film Me Before You. I can easily cry over a sad moment in a film which doesn't happen so often in real life with me. 


This week of Get Messy Artjournal is about listening to yourself and following your gut.

My artjournaling process is based on the idea of following my intuition. I used to overthink what exactly I wanted to see on my page, how it should look. With practice and especially with intitive painting exercises I started to let go the result issue. It's so much more about listening in to my intuition and trusting my inner voice now.  It's only me and the fun process. Hopefully this practice on paper and canvas is building my life strength and bravery!

My latest ply wood board that I cover with layers according to the mood. I wonder what's going to be like finished.


What do I think about when I wake up. There are usually a second when I don't think of anything. Then there's a million different thoughts. I wish that second lasted longer1 Artjournaling and especially painting is one of the tools that help to sort of clear out my mind.

I liked the exersice of brain dumping and writing down all the things that are on my mind. Then I turned on some music and painted with no specific ideas.