We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” –Maya Angelou

Another lesson of Alena Hennessy's Year of Painting II. It took me a lot of layers until I liked the end result. Also I tried to make them in the same style so that they look like series.


Am I the person I want to be?

I'm a huge fan of self care. I believe in making yourself feel better with the help of simple things. Things that make me feel happy. Painting is one of them. So I thought I'd create a magical page with the colors I love and this is what it is... Crazyness !! I definately enjoyed the process.

Watching films is another great thing that I enjoy. This week I watched a great art documentary by Laurie Anderson Heart of a Dog. It's a reflection on life and death, dog's feelings, very dreamy and meditative.  There's a great song by Lou Reed in the end. This film inspired me to make my next page.

Ok I made two. I really wanted to use all those paper clips.

There's another quote that speaks to me now. This comes from a great film Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). I love the energy and cuteness of this film. And the 80s outfits! 


I can't tell you how happy I was to see this surprise zine! I was zined by the super talanted ZINESQUAD team!!!

Thank you so much Jules, Vanessa, Katie and Sarah. It means a lot to me.

Also it's fun to see who made which page. So much personal style, color, words! AMAZING!!!


Ok I changed my mind about the size of the sketchbook I wanted to use for "OH MY GOUACHE".

I decided to go bigger! It's 18 x 24 cm. (7" x 9,5")

I painted the chipboard pieces that made my covers. So many layers until I liked the look of them.
I used heavy mixed media paper in blue, green and grey for my signatures. And a simple stitch bidning.


I signed up for "Oh My Gouache" class by Dispatchfromla as soon as it was announced. I have previously done one of Mary Ann Moss's classes. I love her approach and teaching method. So chill and cool! Her sketchbooks are amazing.

The new class suggested making your own sketchbook for sketching and drawing with gouache. So I made this one.

 My signatures are a mixure of waterocolor paper, Canson black paper, sky blue and Citronella  mixed media paper.


I loved this week's prompts. Thinking of my flaws, moments in life when everything went wrong. All the imperfections that are part of my being.

I collaged over things that I wrote down about myself. Completely covered them with bits of paper that I use to keep my desk clean when painting. Then I used tissue paper and then finally I drew a flower over everything.

This one is in my small journal and contains thoughts that rushed through my mind. Obviously it is influenced by Basquiat art.


 The examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes: quiet introspection can be extremely valuable -  Oxford Dictionary.

I've always been a city girl. Country trips and forest walks gave me headaches and I tried to escape back into my natural habitat.
This has changed with time. I just love being outside. Even if it's just a balcony in bad weather. Noticing small things around me has gradually become part of me. Nature gives me opportunity to  feel more connected with myself. It's sort of meditation.