New Season of Get Messy Artjournal is coming in a couple days. I thought I'd make a little watercolor journal for this season. I didn't find a book with pictures to alter so I made my own!

I took some watercolor sheets.


The new lesson of A Year of Painting by Alena Hennessy is about fulfilling a commission.

"Imagine painting on assignment for a product…"

So I thought I'd use black and white for both patterns. I can imagine a repetative design as a scarf and the second one as a skirt!

I used black acrylic and white ink.


I went on a short holiday to Amsterdam. I've been waiting for this holiday for a long time. It's a bit of a tradition for me and my best friend to go away for our birthdays now.

Basically it was perfect. Such a lovely flat with a roof terrace. Great weather. Food. Farmer's market around the corner. Lots of drawing outside!

I made this simple journal at home. 


Week 6 of Season of Lists for Get Messy. This was an unusual season for me. I've never done lists. Also I've chosen to work in a smash book journal with various types of paper.

This week I'm away in Amsterdam. I'm doing my travel journal with sketching, writings, using found things. So I thought I'd incorporate my lists into it. 


Week 5 of the season of Lists is over. My favourite prompt was to use makeup and favourite paper. But my pages turned out to be one phrase lists. I've been using one journal through this season. It has scrapbook paper and it's more of a smash book. I really missed using more painting this season.

This page is from my other journal. I used everything I could. Texturizing paste, sprays, ink, acrylics, pens, glue and paper!


I was away in the country for a few days. It was great. Relaxing and kind of inspiring. I had my Neocolor warer soluble pastels with me. I finally got to use them as watercolors and I really enjoyed it. They are quite pigmented, mix well with each other and the finish is matte.


I've been following April Art Challange created by BYBUN. I decided to take it because it seemed a bit different, a bit darker and spookier.

 So I thought I'd create something looking like a comic book with dark pages and no plot. I used gelli plate for the first and second pages. The last page's background was made with a card. It's much easier to draw with pens on a page created with simple card swiping paint technique.