Here are the pages I did for this week of Lists in Get Messy. I still can't say I'm into lists but I enjoyed this week more. I even did 2 book lists!


Here comes week 3 of Season of Lists in Getmessy Artjournal. My favourite prompt was to list things that this season makes me.

I have to say I'm not into lists. I'm trying to follow the prompts, get in the mood for listing more. But so far I'm not there yet. So this season makes me think will I ever like lists!?


Here is week 2 of the Season of Lists of Get Messy. One of the prompts was to use something unusual to write the list. I had a piece of tree bark that I got in the woods during my trip to the states. It turned out to be perfect for writing with gel pens!

I'm much more into paints than words at the moment.


Here's is my Black and White Elegance lesson for Alena Hennessy's Year of Painting.

I started with the layer of inks. Then I've been adding acrylic layers. Strokes and shapes until it seemed done. I also used sakura pens for details and glitter.


Here is a new season in Get Messy. The season of lists! I've never done lists. They stress me out a bit. So this is new and exciting for me.

I decided to use a seperate journal for this season. I received a lovely smash book/journal from my swap partner Jenn. I altered the cover.

The first lists look like this