My NYC artjournaling experience.

I went away with just one small handmade journal. Also I didn't take a lot of supplies with me. Sakura pens, peerless watercolours and a brush.

I didn't feel like any drawing or artjournaling my first days. I struggled with the new season prompts of Get Messy. I realized I got used to all the paints, colours and supplies I normally use at home. So I kept my artjournaling minimal and just for the sake of memories.

Those where the three colours I got from art shop. Neon yellow, cobalt blue and gray wolf by Martha Stewart. I'm in love with this gray color at the moment. Also the paint is so smooth and buttery.

Then I received such a great art supply package from my swap partner Jenn. I was so impressed and thankful for all the pretty things I got. Also I had to bring some prisma markers that somebody left in our apartment building "because they were old".

As time went, I got a little journal with new technology no see through paper and Dylusion's artjournal. I ended up using my friend's daughters art supplies (glitter too !) together with everything I had by this time in 3 artjournals!

Artjournaling found its way back to me!

There are so many cheaper art supplies for kids. My favourite one would be Do A Dot Art markers now.

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