I signed up for A YEAR OF PAINTING II by Alena Hennessy and this is my lesson on dreaming and letting the heart relax.

My first attempt was in my dylusions journal. I put some waterlorours and mists together and created a background. I thought I wanted to add flowers. The rest I covered with my favourite gray colour.

I loved the result so much that I created a similar work. This time I used plywood and it's about 40x40 cm.

I like the "wabisabi" finish look of them. 


My NYC artjournaling experience.

I went away with just one small handmade journal. Also I didn't take a lot of supplies with me. Sakura pens, peerless watercolours and a brush.

I didn't feel like any drawing or artjournaling my first days. I struggled with the new season prompts of Get Messy. I realized I got used to all the paints, colours and supplies I normally use at home. So I kept my artjournaling minimal and just for the sake of memories.


I can't belive it's the final week of Happy Season. It seems like I need more time to play with the tutorials this time. 

I used to go to an art class with my best friend. We were about 5, I hated all the drawing and painting but I had such a fun time there with my friend. Once we thought we were going to lock ourselves in the little back room after the class and see if anyone was going to look for us later. I don't think we stayed there longer than 3 minutes. We were so scared to be left alone and so happy to be seen by our teacher! I remember that feeling of adventure, happiness and excitment! Happiness is friends! 

I used tissue paper to cover the whole page and a few pens and acrylics that I have with me. 


When I was a kid I loved listening to one particular tape. The cover was bright pink and had a two stick ice lolly on it. It was 80s Italian pop music! I've always wanted to try this ice cream and sing Non Voglio Mica La Luna in a bathing suit and sunglasses!