I like experimenting with different surfaces to paint or artjournal on. This time it's plywood! I've wanted to try to play with it for ages until I got hold of various peices and sizes of it lately.

My first ever attempt was a mess. I did it, then hated it, then covered it with ink, hated it more, doodled with pens, put it away, drew something more later. And now I like the look of it because I know the process that I've been through and it's a great experience! 

Here's more attempts at combining paints, pens, crayones and pencils. They are all 40x40 cm.


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  2. I really love the first picture in particular. The background colors are lovely and those white doodle accents are so great. Love your experimentations.

    1. Thank you so much!! I keep liking it more and more :)