This week I'm in New York City! The place I fell in love with. I have a very limited amount of supplies with me (so far). The page I made for Get Messy Artjournal this week is inspired by Baz Luhrmann's quotes about life. Obviously the one I choose resonates the best at the moment !


This week is about street art and graffiti at Get Messy third week of Happiness.

Street art amazes me. We don't have much of it here in Moscow. I was totally taken aback in New York City by the amount of crazy cool art everywhere in the city. It is very inspiring. Freedom!

I follow these guys on instragram and I can't help admiring art on the street throughout the world.

I'd love to paint a wall one day!


I've been trying to draw an animal that speaks to me for the next class of Alena Hennessy. Dolphin just came up to my mind. I had a lot of fun drawing these sea weeds.


This week's spread  for Get Messy is a mixture of everything. Family, friends, my dogs, reading, music, movies, colours, smells, yoga, tea, staying in, going out, noodles etc. So many things out there that make me happy.

My happiest combination now is acrylics and caran d'ache neocolor.


I like experimenting with different surfaces to paint or artjournal on. This time it's plywood! I've wanted to try to play with it for ages until I got hold of various peices and sizes of it lately.

My first ever attempt was a mess. I did it, then hated it, then covered it with ink, hated it more, doodled with pens, put it away, drew something more later. And now I like the look of it because I know the process that I've been through and it's a great experience! 

Here's more attempts at combining paints, pens, crayones and pencils. They are all 40x40 cm.


The season of HAPPY of Get Messy Artjournal is here!

I went full on the art promp for using my favourite colours and mediums. For me they are pinks, nudes, yellows, neons. My first page was completely intuitive.

Here is another one for this week. I love reading books about happiness, self development, universe, energy. Reading is one of my happy places.

I also tried to make my own stencil following Vanessa's tutorial. I had so much fun!