Magic Week 6 CHRISTMAS

Week 6 for Get Messy Artjournal and it's Christmas week. It's everywhere but not Russia though. We don't celebrate Xmas here until 6 January.

The major celebration is New Year's Eve here. So we buy presents and get the tree ready for 31 December. This is the time when we see our families, friends and celebrate with lots of eating and drinking. Obviously!

I have my wishes for the New Year ready and I used my favourite colours and bits of paper that I love in my artjournal. Artjournals


  1. So interesting to know how people around the world celebrate the end of the year and the winter solstice. Love these pages Kate x

    1. Thank you Vanessa! Merry Christmas !X

  2. yay, all the pink!

  3. These pages are so beautiful!! My sister in law lives in Spain and it's the same there. The main celebration is 6th January which I think is really cool as that's my daughter's birthday. xx