Getmessy New Season of Magic is here! It's all pretty exciting for me. Once I knew this season's theme I had images rushing through my mind. Mostly black blue glitter spacemen and aliens!

I started artjournaling this year with the season of Love. It's been such a crazy and fun journey so far. I'm sure it's only the beginning. The beginning of seeing my creative side, discovery of what is there, what I like, what it all means. Right now it's pure magic that I combine paper, paints, pencils and enjoy the process. Being able to sit down and do something with hands and not bothering why I do it is truely magical.

I started listening to a great book by Elizabeth Gilbert "Big Magic". A lot of things put so wisely together! A lot of things made simple! Listening and doodling is magic 


  1. I love your pages, always, but this week is especially my favourite <3

    1. Thank you!! crystals and triangles are on my mind:)

  2. Love the doodles! I am reading Big Magic too, there are so many gems in it. I will have to try doodling whilst listening, that sounds fun!