Week 6 for the Season of Words in Get Messy Artjournal.

This week was about favourite quotes, words, positive things about myself and putting them down with a pen.
I've been into drawing little illustrations for different stories and tales lately. Also I got very fascinated by the world of comic book. This definately influenced my recent pages.

Ok the love letter for myself.. I had doubts about posting it but honestly Whatever!


Last week I was following Julia aka JULESTEA WITL. Week In The Life doodling project.

 There was a prompt for each day which went perfectly for me. I doodle little things in my journal amost every day. For me it's the way to memorise the highlight of the day.

I used a bamboo reek pen and magenta ink. Looking forward for the next one already!!!


I love Getmessy Artjournal community!

I was so excited to be asked to participate in making a secret zine for Lauren, co gounder of GetMessy. Vitamin Sea. It was more exciting as I recently met Lauren when she was travelling across Russia. So once I knew I was in I immediately remember what we talked and laughed about.

One of the things was dried fish called vobla. Traditional Russian thing that.. smells!

Also I wanted to use a famous Russian song Пусть всегда будет солнце, which is a symbol of being happy-go-lucky for me. 

Going deep underground with a bit of collage that I'm so into.

Finally the whole page of Ocean.

Thank you so much to all my collaboration artists. It is pure inspiration for me! 






This week for Getmessy Artjournal prompts I made another few pages. It was all about covering negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Best ideas ever.

I have also came back from NYC. This city gave me so much to think about, so much energy and liveliness. I feel like I've been taken and shaken up like a water snowball. It's going to take some time for the sparkles to settle down. I'm absolutely in love.

My word for this season is AMAZING! Also cute 

WORDS part 4

This week for me was about seeing, feeling and thinking about so many things that all of this combined into one word for me. 


Still in NYC, very much impressed by how versatile and artistic this place is. In love with PS1 and smaller more alternative art places, people and attitude. One event ticket said No Negativity Allowed. Epic

Season of words 3

This weeks promps were perfect. I just saw Jackson Pollock paintings in Metropolitan Museum and one of the promps was to interprit his style into artjournaling page. 

Now that I'm Russian and in NYC and speak Enlish, I  have ben playing with Borat accent a lot. I just can't stop saying silly words like 'niiiice'. Speaking foreign language can be tiring so midnight silence is what I need.


Here comes the season of words. I had my altered book ready to take with me on a journey to NYC. 
I prepped a few pages with primer, acrylic paint. As I'm travelling I can mostly use found things. 
It is going to be minimal and meaningful.