Ok. The second I saw DispatchfromLA blogI knew I had to take a travel book workshop.
I had so much fun picking the paper I wanted to use, making signatures and then actually binding. Double diamond stitch!

I mostly used the paper I had from previous projects. I didn't want to invest in anything and just went for the colours I like. I'm so excited to fill it in with postcards, notes, sketches and then photos and see the final book. I have never done anything like this. It's my first Travel Uncycled Book and I'll be taking it with me.

Along with the glue stick and marker! Ok maybe peerless watercolors too


I'm very much into this stripy thing. A few of my notebooks and handmade journals look kind of similar to this one.

It is super easy and fun to use up all the bits of paper. They don't really have to be stripes, I'd say any bits would look perfect! I covered front and back with acrylic primer and stuck bits of papers with glue.

Here is an old book I found. It's about A6 size with very heavy pages which makes it easy to use different mediums inside. And it is also really small, only 30 pages both text and faded pictures so it's perfect for one theme project I think.

More things like this HERE .


This week was a SWAP week for Get Messy Art Journal! I've been waiting for it for so long. When I received beautiful supplies from Einfach Amarie I was really overwhelmed. So many pretty papers and bits!

I started playing with them and here is what is happening. I'm sure I will create more pages with my swap supplies!