I absolutely love this challange by MYFRIENDCOURT on instagram. I've been through a couple of months of this challenge already. The main reason why I love participating is practice and inspiration.

Basically it's a kind of morning art exercise for me. I either doodle a couple of lines or use more complicated techniques I love at the moment.
This month's  I took a few CREATIVE BUG classes. Pam Garrison and Lisa Congdon are my favourite so far!

Here are a few pages I loved creating!

P.S. 80% of the challenge was done with the found things as I was travelling!


This week's prompts were about serene moments and little things that make my calm. I've always considered myself a night owl. Apparently it is no longer so. Most of the things I take time to enjoy are morning things. My yoga, morning green juice, doodling anything while having breakfast and enjoying some sun.

I followed Lauren's washi tape tutorial and here is what happened.


I was away for a few weeks. During this time I was doing every day doodling and some art journaling which turned out to be my first travel book! I incorporated some of Creativebug classes as I was looking through them. Also some of the pages were done together with my 6 and 15 year old nephews! It was all a big surprise how it all came out and how much I enjoyed little crafting every day!


Sometimes I find it difficult to find time and that state of mind for the next week prompts. This week was like this. i'm on holiday with my brother's big family. It is a challenge this time for me.

i've been using some tutorials I learnt before. pam Garrison's is my favourite at the moment. also I have a very limited amount of supplies this time. 

Serenity is all around me in the beautiful Dutch nature but not completely on my mind. I love to doodle without any purpose or idea. 

also influenced by Torrie 


This is the place I tend to find my calmness. This is why I love going out for walks with my dog in the park. This is the best place to reload for me.

I'd do all my crafty things outside, I'd have breakfast, I'd sit and read, I'd have yoga outside. All of the things that I find relaxing.

Not in Moscow winter obviously :)