Here comes Serenity.

The first week's prompts for Get Messy suggested finding your inner goddess and refer to her.

I was in Vienna when the season began. I had a chance to go see Klimt's paintings. So much gold and shining.  I was impressed and really inspired to use one of his beautiful women portraits.

Hygeia is the goddess of health and cleanliness. I simply wish health to all the people. I want to be healthy and I want to feel clean.

I was in a bit of a rush this week and didn't think much through what to put opposite my Goddess. But I did use gold and spread it with my fingers!

"I'm in pieces, bits and pieces"

This month I'm not following any every day challenges.

On the one hand  I actually miss my everyday themed "marks" and I noticed I tend to create less.
On the other had I sit down and create some unexpected things.

Like these. I started with making a little card and it turned into 2 pages I really liked. Also I made up a way to use the bits I have.

Roses are red

I love dried flowers but I never knew what to do with them. Here's what happened to them after watching MixedMedia Jenn video. I was so inspired!

 Now there are some thick books full of drying beauty!


Here comes the final week of Get Messy Adventure Season. I enjoyed it very much. Now I wish I'd go travelling soon.
I loved the tutorials that came up this season especially marbeling and background ones.

This week propmts were about family roots and paradise falls. Art prompts were to use stitching and maps. I like the idea of going to different places for a longer time. I want to go to Japan and chiyogami paper stands for it. Anchor is for travelling across the ocean to USA and pink hills for  seeing grand canyon. I hope to make a big trip this year.

Recently I've been very much into turning everything into white and blue!

I cut out pieces of paper of my paper that I use for covering. Then I glued it into my journal cover and then played with white and blue acrylics.


This week's Get Messy Artjournal propmps were about making a bucket list and thinking of a perfect day or trip. I was feeling very inspired so I did both. While making my week's spread I included kind of a digest of both and it turned out a bit personal so I covered it with white acrylic paint!
I also layred papers and a lovely quote.

I also played with paper marbeling! The process is really fun. I should have used more paint as my paper turned out a bit pale. I'm going to give it another try