I just got back from my holiday and I have to admit I was suprised at how much passion I had with my artjournaling during that time! I loved doing little sketches or bigger artjournal pages. I mostly used things I found such as free leaflets, booklets, etc. I also had peerless watercolours, a couple of markers and a glue stick with me. If I knew I'd have enjoyed my every day art meditation I'd have taken some stamps or some other supplies!

I used #makeyourmarkmay every day prompts or just created my our pages according to my mood


  1. I love the simplicity of these pages. Did you make the little watercolour ice creams? They are great.

    1. Thank you!! yes I made those ice creams , I love putting puddles of watercolour over markers!

  2. Anonymous12.6.15

    Your pages have such great colours and energy...beautiful!