Today is the last day of #makeyourmarkjune. I absolutely love this 30 days challenges. It gives me an opportunity to get a little bit creative every day! Sometimes I try out new techniques and mediums. Sometimes it's just a few brush strokes. Here are a few shots of my favourite pages.

I made a journal the other day. I used my older mixed media pages and cardboard for the cover. There are 10 signatures inside, both watercolour and craft paper. And I just learnt how to make the rubber band closure!

Maybe I'll start up an etsy shop one day!


"Wanderlast is a blast" that's the furthest I could go with my poem!
Week 4 for Get Messy was about exotic experiences, writing a poem and using 5 different papers ripped with hands.
One of the most exotic experiences was living in Thailand. Everything was unfamiliar and unusual until time passed and it became my home for a long time. My homeland snow turned to be pretty exotic when I came back!

I've been keeping up with my photo album since january this year. I'm so glad I started it. I fill it up with pictures every 2 weeks or so. So each month has about 4 or 5 pages. I don't have any particular style so I just go with the flow. Basically it's my way of having project life.

My latest pages are from holidays

I've been using the same technique most of the time lately.

Scraps of craft paper, stencils, stamps, stickers, anything really and then all of this covers in white acrylic paint!

here's my artjournal front, back and then I did a little pocket as well!


So my week 3 for GetMessy Artjournal. The idea of what I wanted to do came straight away. It took me much longer to put it into paper.

I concentrated on the art prompts of using objects out of a magazine and only use scraps of paper as a background. I love using craft paper as a surface protection when I'm making stuff so it's usually covered in splashes of paint or pen doodles. So I cut it into pieces and used as a background and of course my favourite Muji cataloge. It saves every page!

One of the most adventurous things I've done lately was bringing my lovely puppy back with me from Thailand that we found on the beach! And whenever I take out a suitcase to pack she is the first to jump in there!!


This week GET MESSY Game was a week of creating an artjournal page with one prompt each day! It was fun and I created 2 pages along.
First prompt was to add a sheet of paper to the page. Then came some colour. After that was misting. Then adding your favourite stamps. And finally some writing. When it came to writing I got a bit stuck as I wasn't sure what to add with JUNE stamping. But it happens and I try to not overthink it.

I just got back from my holiday and I have to admit I was suprised at how much passion I had with my artjournaling during that time! I loved doing little sketches or bigger artjournal pages. I mostly used things I found such as free leaflets, booklets, etc. I also had peerless watercolours, a couple of markers and a glue stick with me. If I knew I'd have enjoyed my every day art meditation I'd have taken some stamps or some other supplies!

I used #makeyourmarkmay every day prompts or just created my our pages according to my mood

Adventure Week 1

"Every day is an adventure"

My Season of Adventure starts during my holiday in Spain. In a beautiful place called Begues. I didn't even know about it before I came here to stay with my friend. It's up in the mountains with stunning nature. One of the most peaceful places I have ever been! I would definately remember this place by the smell of Sampaguita jasmine. 

I'm using 'found' things on my page such as leaflets and jasmine flowers