"Каждый охотник желает знать, где сидит Фазан"

My favourite pages for the Colour challenge called Creative Creatures announced by laurenlikesblog on Instagram.
Green was easy, I had so many bits of green scrapbook paper. I'm so glad they found their place.

Blue was half done as I had a page in my artjournal with light blue acrylic paint all over it (gelli plate cleaning!)

 Indigo is associated with Indigo jeans colour that I love. I'm so glad I had some stitching from the other page. I think It was perfect for my ripped jeans page.

“We will run and scream, you will dance with me, we’ll fulfill our dreams and we’ll be free.” -Mumford and Sons

This week's Get Messy is the Final week of Brave Season. I really enjoyed going into the bravery. Most of all I loved doing the zine. The washi tape tutorial is still one of my favourite. I tried to use more techniques and got really into making little sketchbooks during this season.

The last week was the most fun for me with the photo challenge called Creative Creatures announced by laurenlikesblog on Instagram. The idea was to create a colour page each day from Monday to Sunday according to a rainbow by Roy G biv! I didn't have to think much while creating the pages as sometimes I don't know where to start and tend to overthink. HERE are some of my favourite pages.

"Building a Book, Bidning a Poem"

I've been playing with making sketchbooks! I can't think of anything else I enjoy more at the moment. The process makes me happy with the result as a bonus.

There are 8 signatures of watercolour paper inside. I thought it'd be great for something like a 30 day sketch every day doodle #makeyourmark challenge.

Here is my Week 5 for Brave Season of GET MESSY. I've made a collage out of a cardboard piece , bits of craft paper covered in bright acryics and a twine. It represents me doing little sketchbooks last week for the first time.

One of the prompts was to use household objects and see how they work in artjournaling. Cardboard worked out great for me both in my artjournaling as a stamp and in journal binding as a cover!

I love this filter and I can't help using it !!!

I made a little artjournal for my #makeyourmarkmay sketches by myfriendcourt. I love the way it turned out!

Now I'm not sure if I use it for sketches though. I like the way it is for now.

I followed an online tutorial and made this bright artjournal. It was supposed to be an artjournal for my sketches but as I didn't have any I put blank pages inside.

I love how messy it turned out especially inside. I think it makes it even cooler like this !