Today is the last day of #makeyourmarkapril challenge set by Myfriendcourt. I drew little sketches every day this month and I got so addicted to it! It is my second month in a row taking up challenge like this and I realized I enjoy using my watercolour for mini sketches.
Though my brush markers only arrived today ..

Here are my favourite days :

"Bits of paper Bits of paper Lying on the floor Lying on the floor Makes the place untidy Makes the place untidy Pick them up Pick them up"

I wanted to create paper collage with bits of book pages and craft paper. This is my first mixed media collage.

"Sewing mends the soul"

I got a portable sewing machine. Since then I've been putting stitches everywhere. It inspired me to make little gift bags, notebooks and basically create more!

"When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer."

Season of BRAVE for Get Messy Art Journal kept me busy trying out new techniques. I even used q-tips as drawing tools! I loved the washi tape tutorial and made letters B R A V E for my little zine.
I've made a few page.

I joined a workshop last weekend and here's what was made during the whole day.

 Layering layering layering and more layering. I learnt how to incorporate threads, bits of papers, buttons and lovely little things into the work.

Here is my art journal that I bound this week! I used my printed paper for the cover and most of the painting I have so far.

 I'm so glad I can use the whole bag of my grandma's threads. Some of them are so old I couldn't use for binding as they'd rip. But so many happy colours !

I loved this tecnique of combining acrylics and watercolours!

Here's the final front page of my mini sketch book for #MAKEYOURMARKAPRIL

I have started a #MAKEYOURMARKAPRIL challenge that I found through Julestea!

I made a little notebook out of a ..tooth paste box and bits of paper I had. It turned out pretty crooked and I'm still thinking of decorating front cover a bit

I used acrylic paint, oil pastels, collage cactuses and finish gloss to seal everything. I like how colours turned out so bright. Uhu blue stick did not glue very well