I printed some blue and red circles with acrylics. Put a thin layer of watercolour. Then I doodled some lines. Glued collage sugar skulls and added some oil pastels. I love the result.

The most important was to make sure I put mediums in order. Otherwise they might make a big mess like on the last picture where my watercolour black pencil bled!
Get Messy came up with an idea of a blog hop to celebrate the end of Love season.
I was looking through my artjournal and I remember doing each page.

These are my favourite pages

During this time I was also trying out different styles and techniques

My week 6 for Get Messy Art Journal. The prompt was to use dried flowers for the most Romantic Love. I didn't have any dried flowers so I cut out these from a magazine page.
The colour suggestion was either pink or red.

I was watching a lot of mixed media tutorials. The one I liked is from Robin Mead.

Influenced by her art.

Lovely thick paper in Strathmore Visual Journal. But I'd prefer a binded one with no rings to work on both pages at the same time.

I was thinking to make this page for my Get Messy Art Journal. It turned out pretty weird. The baloons came up unexpectedly !

My first mixed media experience. We made this at my class using pages from a dictionary glued to the frame, acrylic textured paste, stencils and colour mists.

Here is what I made for Week 5 GET MESSY Art Journal. The prompt was the following :

"Take a photo of yourself against a plain background and write affirmations around your figure."

I had some stickers left from my scrap album and used those together with a lovely singing bird.
The picture I took of myself shows me in a pretty gloomy mood. So a bit of a contrast and assurance for myself.

Wow! I have finished my dad's present. I didn't have much time to go search paper and things for it. So I picked up Scrapberry Vintage Circus set of paper. Unfortunately I didn't particularly like it. A bit too colourful and heavy, no double pages.

Still I love the result! Gold eyelets are my favourite

It just happened that I did another page for Get Messy Art Journal for Week 4.
I used the tutorail about stars and hearts and put it together with a quote by Buddha

I'm not fond of lighting I have but I'll figure it out. 

“The Way is not in the sky; the Way is in the heart.” 


I have finished my Dog Album. I made it with my mind eye paper and chipboard letters that I crackle painted. I think mint green is such a spring colour and I love it.

 These are 2 more pages for Get Messy Art Journal. I was inspired by the leaf I found in a book.
Everyone has a story to tell. Here the love story.

I thought I'd do 1 & 2 GET MESSY Art Journal Challenge.

For the 1 Set I used washi tape as a background combined with doodling and E E Cumming poem. There are also lines from some of my favourite songs.

The heart is part of my 2 Set.
I have finally started my Art Journal with crafty people from  GET MESSY ART JOURNAL programme.

I haven't done anything like this before so I think it's going to be fun. There are so many inspiring art pages out there. I feel a little intimidated.

Here is my first art journal getmessy page for SET 3.

I decided to do my art journal in a mrs stitches notebook
Journaling prompt suggested writing a love note to yourself. I used my favourite kids watercolours with glitter. I cut out hearts from paper I'd coloured before.

I'm looking forward to doing more pages and be more creative. My banner picture was taken to show the crafty mess I made after doing more promps for the journal. Including stitching xx
Here is my first album.
I made it during my 2 scrapbooking classes. I used Kaisercraft Kaleidoscope paper set. There are 3 pages with 14 photo iserts. I loved making the soft fabric cover. I can't wait to finish my own dog theme album