When 2015 started I had no idea what artjournaling was. Neither did I know about scrapbooking. I just read somewhere about Project Life. I liked the idea of printing pictures each month and keeping them in one book during whole year.

So I started my 2015 project in this Unicorn book.


My first pages where pretty simple. Pictures and a washi tape that I had.  In February I joined Get Messy Artjournal world! With weeks I started adding things that I found out about at that time for my pages. It's fun to see how it was all changing.

So much learnt, so many supplies been tried! 


I started this altered book artjournal just for myself.

I wanted to copy ideas, do whatever I feel like. It turned out that when there's no pressure of sharing pages later, it feels very liberating. I played with pages until I got bored or had a better idea for another page.

It says Blue Eyes of the Planet.


This month I took part in a week's doodle project. Each day I followed a prompt. I love how my pages turned out.

Magic Week 6 CHRISTMAS

Week 6 for Get Messy Artjournal and it's Christmas week. It's everywhere but not Russia though. We don't celebrate Xmas here until 6 January.

The major celebration is New Year's Eve here. So we buy presents and get the tree ready for 31 December. This is the time when we see our families, friends and celebrate with lots of eating and drinking. Obviously!

I have my wishes for the New Year ready and I used my favourite colours and bits of paper that I love in my artjournal. Artjournals


This week Get Messy Artjournal prompts are about traditions.

One of my family traditions used to be my favourite as a child. Getting family and realtives at the table. I'd be dressed up and as kids we'd have a separate table just for us. At one point we'd all crawl down our parents' big table and play with guests shoes ahhha. Happy memories!!

I created this page digitally. Just a couple of layers and filters.

Thinking about new traditions, designing and cultivating them for the future.

Mixing ink and acrylics here following Jules tutorial.



This time of the year turned out to be the time of making fun books for me. I made a couple as gifts for my friends' birthdays and I also sold a few. Which I'm very happy about!

Some are big, some smaller and there's also a tiny one.


Getmessy Artjouunal and week four MAGIC!

Music, travelling, ocean, artjournaling are the things that bring magic into my life.

If I can combine them all, it is the best feeling ever!!!

I really enjoyed the collage tutorial by Essie



This week is the Brain Matter in Getmessy Artjournal. What do I think I know about myself, my brain and what makes me magical.

Here are some funny facts on HOW TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY in 1596 !

"A Rich Store-House or Treasury for the Diseased 

A Rule to knowe what thinges are good and holosome for the Braine:

To eate Sage, but not overmuch
To drink Wine measurablie
To keepe the Head warme
To washe your Hands often
To hear little noise of Musicke or Singers
To smell the sauour of Red roses
And to washe the Temples of your Heade often with Rose Water"

I can't agree more! I try not to overthink, stay positive and smell roses. There's definately should be Laughter Lake somewhere that I'd love to see. My mind is all over the place, scatter messy brain but surprisingly organised!


This is so much fun to draw whatever comes to my mind after reading. Recently I discovered audiobooks for myself. I listen and draw! Is there anything better?

Two absolutely diffrent reads. The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley and a children's story by my friend.


Getmessy Artjournal is exploring Magic in literature this week.

There is a great novel Master and Margarita by M.Bulgakov. It is such a versatile work that explores many subjects. It is very powerful and has been studied since it was published. The main question of it is whether there's good and evil, right or wrong.

“But would you kindly ponder this question: What would your good do if
evil didn't exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows
disappeared? After all, shadows are cast by things and people. Here is the
shadow of my sword. But shadows also come from trees and living beings.
Do you want to strip the earth of all trees and living things just because
of your fantasy of enjoying naked light? You're stupid.” 


Getmessy New Season of Magic is here! It's all pretty exciting for me. Once I knew this season's theme I had images rushing through my mind. Mostly black blue glitter spacemen and aliens!

I started artjournaling this year with the season of Love. It's been such a crazy and fun journey so far. I'm sure it's only the beginning. The beginning of seeing my creative side, discovery of what is there, what I like, what it all means. Right now it's pure magic that I combine paper, paints, pencils and enjoy the process. Being able to sit down and do something with hands and not bothering why I do it is truely magical.

I started listening to a great book by Elizabeth Gilbert "Big Magic". A lot of things put so wisely together! A lot of things made simple! Listening and doodling is magic 


I like art workshops and tutorials. They give me new ideas and  I experiment in my artjournals. At the moment I'm on a big break from taking workshops till New Year. It seems like I have a whole bag of techniques that I need to explore on my own. I want to let myself go and see in which direction it will lead me!

Right now it's all about paint, roller pens and enjoying mixing colours.

Travel Journal

This is my second Travel Journal. I had no idea it was going to turn up like this. I had my  Travel Book with me. I tried to use it but it didn't work out for me. These blank bounded pages were supposed to be my doodling place.

This is what happened! I had to make an extra zine and when I came back I sewed the signature inside.