These 2 canvases I made for the Season of Seasons of Getmessy Artjounal.


I'm back on track with Get Messy Artjournaling community. New season has arrived.
We are looking into seasons.

I'm creating my pages in my handmade journal. Here are my first two weeks.

Change of seasons is in change of colors. It's summer and a lot of colors!

Textile Collage

I’ve been creating a lot of collages with scraps of fabric. This is very addictive. Wendy Brightbill class on collage was super inspirational. 

I feel like I want to frame some of these.


Ok. It’s May 2018. This time I travelled to California for a week. I knew I’d want to draw while travelling but I didn’t want to pack my usual travel kit bag. I went minimal.

1 ballpoint pen
2 gouache paints (neon yelllow, neon pink)
1 flat brush (number 4)
4x6 notebook

I started with sketching places I stayed at. Then I moved to some objects. I quickly got bored with sketching tho. By this time I had a pencil from a hotel. And I found a couple of color pencils as well.
And this is when I started intuitive painting/ sketching.

Later I added a few stickers (free from Brandy Melville) and pages from a free magazine.

I had no idea this would turn out like this and I like it.

You really don’t need a lot if you want to create :)


These are my latest creations.


This was influenced by Stranger Things 2 and 80s comics. 


These weeks have been going so fast. I've neglected my art time due to a lot of time spent with friends. All of a sudden I feel like I have more people around me, new acquintances, new connections. 

These changes definately influence my art. Every time I sit down in front of my artjournal, I end up being completely carried away with my creative process. I feel like I go deeper in the flow even though I never have any particular idea beforehand. This is truely a micarle for me.

My way of putting art onto paper has changed with time. I don't feel any bounderies to what I can use or not. I mix mediums, I mix ideas, I put layers over layers, I cut and paste. I absolutely love it and it feels like I'm connecting with myself.

I do yoga and meditation regularly as well. I give myself time to relax and not do anything. I think I approach more things with a wabi sabi look on things. Nothing is perfect and there's beauty in this.