This week I tried to go out of my way and use less colors. It wasn't easy but I love the result.

Sunprinting, collage, gouache, ink, glitter, ball pen.


I believe that color can affect my mood. Every time I wear pink I feel like a little girl. Whenever I'm in black I feel more sophisticated or came out of office! Color is a big game whether it's home decor, clothes or a sketch. I think the same sketch can feel differently depending on the paper color. Colors bring about emotional reactions to people.

This week I was trying to mix summer shades that will represent happy, carefree mood.

I came up with this. This is a story of my day trip to the beach. Some pink flowers on the way there. Blue sky. Bright green is a lovely place I had lunch in. And sand!


Here is another sketchbook.  Mixed media and collage. My favourite colors of this spring and beginning of summer are violet, purple, neon yellow.


I'm back for the Season of Clor of Get Messy Artjournal. I took a break for about 3 months. I never took a break from drawing, sketching, painting and exploring art.

For this week I created a few pages with my recently favourite colors. Purple, violet, neon yellow.


I knew it'd be great! The whole journey through California. I wanted to make a journal that would keep not memories of places but feelings I had during my trip. That's why I didn't keep any track of dates and places I visited. Also I just didn't have time to journal.

I made time to sit down and mix my colors. Most of the journay I was overwhelmed and tired so I needed that time to process the process!

This is the journal I made for the trip. It's mostly recycled stuff. Cardboard cover, pink envelope, craft envelopes, random envelopes for stickers, postcards etc. There are 2 signatures. One is black Canson paper, another one is white. 


I love taking part in collaboration journal projects. This time Vanessa and I decided to start one journal each and then send it to one another. We're going to add more to journals we recieved and then send them back so we can keep one.

I made a little journal and filled the pages with color. I can't wait to see what it turns out to be!

I tried to make painting with a limited number of paints. First one was created with 4 colors. Second one with just one and glitter on top of petals. It some previous layers and bleeded through when I used glitter. I like the look of it.